The Sunshine Series is a Southern California lifestyle brand that makes aesthetically-driven, sustainable goods for a better future.

Together, we're making single use plastic a thing of the past.


After a decade in the fashion industry, we got tired of seeing all the waste and decided to make the things we actually need, with the materials we want, in the style we love. For us, conscious doesn't mean compromise and sustainable means you shouldn't have to buy another. We grew up in the ocean with nature as our playground and The Sunshine Series embodies that sun-drenched, air dried California lifestyle.

Being mindful of producing small runs, we encourage consumers to use what they have & when they’re ready to make the switch, we’re here for them. While this model does not work for corporations, we’re happy to be a part of the movement for less. It starts with us then moves out to our communities. When people start getting involved, the small things are a catalyst for big action. Big action create movements & movements create change.




We believe in one infinite loop and that what we make should return directly back to the earth. We take, we use, we give, we tread as lightly as possible.  We hope you buy one of our products and use it until it falls apart (which won't be anytime soon)!



Single-use is out and we aren't here to greenwash what we do. We use 100% natural materials, Oeko-Tex & GOTS Certified, free of harsh dyes because it's better for you, it's better for us, and it's better for the Earth. We focus on materials, like Hemp, that regenerate the soil, everything buzzing in the air and swimming in the water. All of our products simply return to the Earth after their life cycle.



We only work with factories that prioritize people over profit and ensure the highest social accountability standards. In California, we work directly with women-ran and family-owned local factories. Our factories abroad are well vetted, SA Certified and implement solar energy, water recycling and community service into their business.

We proudly work with factories both domestic and abroad to make sustainability accessible for all.



Follow along as we learn from experts, charities & individuals who are making a difference, lifting up the voices of the unheard & creating a new way forward.

We commit to further strengthening our sustainable practices prioritizing regeneration over profit. If you have any suggestions, we're all ears!

We hope you'll join us on this journey.

The Future is Bright.