Ditch the Bag: Herbs & Flowers for Brewing Your Own Tea

After learning about micro plastics in our tea from synthetic tea bags, I started researching alternatives & it’s truly one of those things I wish i would have woken up to sooner…brewing my own tea! Here’s how I recreated my favorite “Sleepy Tea”.

Herbs are easy to care for & pack such a potent punch. I started by checkout out the back of my favorite teas & modified from there.  A few of my favorite combos are:

Sleepy Tea: lavender, chamomile, peppermint & lemongrass. 

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus flower, pineapple sage, lemon verbena & a little citrus peel.

Soothing Tea: Mint, Thyme, ginger & a squeeze of lemon.

I popped over to my local nursery to pick these items up along with a cute pot & got started. 

Not all herbs & flowers bloom at the same time & some require a different amount of water than others but these are generally easy & stay happy when they’re well trimmed.

Avoid pesticides & over plucking to allow your plants to grow.

Brewing Hot Tea:

Simply pick, rinse off, add hot water & place in a strainer to steep for your desired time. 


Sunshine Tea:

Add all herbs & flowers to glass jar, fill with water & let sit in the sun for a few hours.


Adding fresh lemon, ginger or turmeric is always a wonderful option. You may also prefer to dry the leaves out by hanging them or dehydrating them in the oven. I prefer as fresh & easy as possible!